Henry Cavill Reveals His Favorite Superman Story


With a character like Superman having been in continuous publication for 80 years now, it’s difficult to calculate how many tales he’s been featured in – and perhaps even harder to choose a favorite.

If you’re also a fan of Big Blue, then you’re aware of how many classics the past three decades alone have offered. To name but a few, The Death of Superman, Superman for All Seasons, Birthright, All-Star Superman, Red Son and American Alien are some of those that’d likely be included on most short lists.

And though it’s always fun to engage in conversations where we debate our own Top 5’s or whatever, it’s intriguing to learn of which stories are favored by the actors fortunate enough to portray these characters. To some, these gigs are merely a paycheck. But when it comes to a guy like Henry Cavill, he’s become well known for diving into the source material.

As it turns out, the Man of Steel himself recently named his single favorite comic book arc in an Instagram post and, surprisingly, it wasn’t Red Son, which he’s expressed affinity for in the past:

“For National Superman Day (which is today!) I wanted to post a page from what is, hands down, my favourite Superman book, Superman: For Tomorrow. Drawn by the inimitable Jim Lee, penned by Brian Azzarello, inked by Scott Williams and colored by Alex Sinclair. Absolutely fantastic work by those men and work that I am very thankful for. This, for me, is Superman.”

There you have it: Superman: For Tomorrow is the victor!

For those who remember, this arc was a pretty big deal at the time of original publication. In short, it was the second year-long epic to be illustrated by Jim Lee for one of DC’s top tier characters, which was closely on the heels of the modern classic that was Batman: Hush. It’s been some time since I’ve read it, but it’s certainly not a bad one to single out.