Henry Cavill And Robert Pattinson Rumored For World’s Finest Movie


For a very long time, fans had been calling for Batman and Superman to face off on the big screen, but when it finally happened, it was a bit of a damp squib. Sure, Zack Snyder’s Dawn of Justice was a feast for the eyes, complete with a ton of stunning visuals, but on a narrative level, it was seriously lacking.

Of course, there’s also the fact that DC’s two crown jewels scrapped for about three minutes before they made up upon discovering that their mothers had the same name. Indeed, it was underwhelming to say the least, but with the DCEU now in a drastically different position than it was several years ago, seeing the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel share the screen again seems to be just a matter of when and not if, and tipster Mikey Sutton claims that it could happen in a World’s Finest movie that’d star Robert Pattinson and Henry Cavill.

Admittedly, this isn’t the first time such a project has been rumored, but before, it was Affleck instead of Pattinson who was linked to it, with that scoop also coming from Sutton. Shortly after that, the tipster once again put forth the prospect of a World’s Finest film with Cavill attached (though didn’t mention which Batman would feature), and now he’s talking about it for a third time, claiming that the team-up movie is still possible as despite Warner Bros. wanting to “kill the SnyderVerse,” they hope to continue working with actors from that pocket of the mythology on future projects.

“I have scooped in February that Henry Cavill could team up with Robert Pattinson as the World’s Finest,” says Sutton. “That seems more of a possibility than Tom Welling and Robert Pattinson. Despite Warner Bros.’ goal of killing the Snyderverse, they still want to work with a number of the actors from those movies.”

Obviously, this is far from a firm confirmation that such a film will ever happen, be it with Pattinson, Affleck, Welling or any of the other names that the insider has linked to it over the last several months. But again, this also isn’t the first time he’s mentioned it and at the very least, a World’s Finest movie sounds like something WB is interested in exploring. We’ll just have to wait and see who ends up starring in it if it does indeed materialize.