Henry Cavill Wants To See Tom Cruise Headline A DC Movie


It’s no secret that the Man of Steel himself, Henry Cavill, flew from Justice League straight to the production of Mission: Impossible – Fallout – as a matter of fact, the two shoots overlapped. And so, mustache-gate was born.

Of course, that was never the plan, and Cavill recently went on record to admit that, had he known of Justice League‘s extensive reshoots in advance, he would’ve chosen a different look for his CIA assassin, August Walker, Ethan Hunt’s worst enemy and a man capable of reloading his frickin’ arms.

But if Henry Cavill has his way, Mission: Impossible – Fallout won’t be the last time that he collaborates with Tom Cruise, as the towering Brit recently told Screen Rant that he’d be game to re-team with the actor for a possible DC movie – like, say, Green Lantern Corps?

I would love to work with Tom again. So, any opportunity I get would be enormous fun.

Tom Cruise Green Lantern

This isn’t the first time that Tom Cruise and Green Lantern have been mentioned in the same sentence; back in March, the Hollywood legend was said to be high on Warner’s wishlist for the Hal Jordan/John Stewart buddy cop movie – a movie that has since been described as a complete reimagining of DC’s cosmic hero.

And, well, providing Henry Cavill dons Superman’s cape beyond 2018, there’s a very good chance Kal-El and Hal Jordan could be sharing the screen together, thereby fulfilling Henry Cavill’s wish of headlining a DCEU movie alongside Tom Cruise.

But what say you? Do you think Worlds of DC (and Green Lantern Corps!) could do with some Cruise Control? You can, as always, leave your own thoughts, comments and predictions down below.

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