Here’s How Henry Cavill Could Look In The Warcraft Reboot


There’s recently been a lot of talk about a potential sequel to Warcraft, even though the 2016 film, based on the video game franchise of the same name, flopped and ended up costing the studio as much as $40 million. Still, the fictional world has a large and dedicated fanbase, many of whom have been campaigning to see the continuation of the story in live-action form.

Recently, a former executive of Blizzard Entertainment said that Henry Cavill would make a fine addition to the big screen series. The actor himself has proven that he’d do pretty well in a fantasy setting, too, through Netflix’s The Witcher. And seeing as how he’s a gamer and a massive fan of World of Warcraft, folks can’t help but wonder what he’d look like as a character in Azeroth.

Well, digital artist BossLogic has now answered our call by offering up some art that depicts Cavill as the Lord of the Scourge himself, the Lich King. When you think about it, the actor behind the DCEU’s Man of Steel would actually make a perfect Arthas Menethil. After all, he also appeared in The Tudors, so he already has all the makings of a prince. Even through Geralt of Rivia, Cavill has proven that he has the acting chops to take on these iconic pop culture figures. Understandably, diehard fans of the franchise might be skeptical of this choice, but the design below will definitely change your mind.

As you can see, the Justice League star would make a terrifying Lich King. The pic itself is based on Cavill’s new look as the titular protagonist of The Witcher in season 2, but it’s the kind of menacing gaze that you could also expect to see from the Lord of the Undead.

The story of Arthas in Warcraft is somehow similar to Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars; a champion of peace and justice who falls from grace and succumbs to darkness. And if a sequel or reboot featuring the Lordaeronian prince gets made, it’ll certainly be interesting to see how the writers make the jump from the Alliance-Horde War to the plague of the Burning Legion.