Here are 5 of the best movie fan theories the internet has offered up in recent years

The Dark Knight Joker

When movies reach a certain level of fame and importance in popular culture, they become the breeding ground for some incredible fan theories. Some of these theories are admittedly outlandish while others are beautifully astute and can add a whole new layer to a person’s enjoyment of a film. Fan theories are a fixture of the modern moviegoing experience, especially since it’s never been easier to throw oneself into a film or franchise given how accessible the entertainment landscape has become.

While Marvel fans are particularly inclined to dive into the fan-theory sphere, other popular franchises have proven that the superhero empire does not have a monopoly on innovation. After all, who wouldn’t want to hear about how Kevin from Home Alone grew up to be Jigsaw?

Here are five movie fan theories that will leave you wondering…could it be?

5. Anakin Skywalker used the Force to make Padme fall in love with him

Image via Disney.

Let’s seriously think about this one: the guy who professed his admiration for a fascist totalitarian government, killed countless sand people (not just the men, but the women and children, too), and looks plain evil managed to snag a date with one of the most democracy-loving senators in the galaxy? Yeah, no way.

Anakin’s inherent ability with the Force is well-documented from his first chronological appearance in Phantom Menace, where his Midi-chlorian count was through the roof, beyond even Yoda’s levels. It’s shown that other powerful Force users (Palpatine) have the power to cause a virgin birth, and The Clone Wars also shows how tormented Anakin is internally with his immense array of powers.

The Force can already sway people’s minds like nobody’s business, so is it that far-fetched to think that Anakin (who is a bad bloke) used it to make his crush fall madly in love with him? We think not.

4. Han Solo is Force-sensitive

Han Solo
Image via Disney.

Sticking with the Star Wars theme, it’s time to bring up a controversial one: Han Solo is Force-sensitive. His innate ability to fly (which we’re often told is part of Anakin/Darth Vader’s Force-sensitive nature), his reading of situations, and perhaps more importantly his appearance as a Force Ghost. Force Ghosts, as far as they’ve been seen in Star Wars so far, have only been those capable of the Force. His appearance as one in the much-maligned Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker might point to his Force sensitivity.

It is, however, definitely the most up-in-the-air theory. Fans are notoriously divided on this and many refuse to see Han as being Force-sensitive, preferring him as the outsider character who is skeptical about whether or not the Force even exists.

3. Kevin from Home Alone is Jigsaw

Image via 20th Century Fox/Disney.

Yep, that’s right. This theory states that Kevin McCallister, the young boy who masterminded his home’s defenses from burglars, later reutilized these skills to torture people as Jigsaw in the iconic horror franchise Saw. The theory calls on Kevin’s experiences in Home Alone and Home Alone 2 as formative moments in his life and pinpoints peculiar behaviors exhibited in both.

For example, his voyeuristic nature is demonstrated in both films, like when he videotapes his uncle in the shower in Home Alone 2. His slightly psychopathic and sadomasochistic nature is shown when he repurposes old movie audio to threaten a pizza delivery kid in the first film. He also takes great joy in seeing the Wet Bandits in considerable pain.

Regardless of whether or not Kevin’s trauma is justified, this is surely how someone becomes a sadistic torturer like Jigsaw.

2. Peter Quill’s universal PG-13 translator

Image via Disney.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is a fun romp with lots of wit and heart. At its center is Peter Quill/Star Lord, who was abducted from Earth as a child. Guardians is much raunchier than other Marvel films, but maintains its PG-13 sensibilities. The reason why, however, might be because the universal translator that Quill uses can only help him understand English words he would have learned as a child.

Quill had likely only seen movies rated PG-13 and thus never breaks out anything more risqué than the F-word in his appearances. This would also explain why other characters never swear with much vigor, even Rocket, who is characterized as a loose cannon with his language.

1. The Joker is ex-military


This theory was popularized by Patton Oswalt and has been picked up by Kevin Smith, among others. The theory suggests that the Joker in The Dark Knight is a military veteran who was involved in black operations and was potentially a former interrogator. The theory further stipulates that the Joker’s hand-to-hand combat, heavy weapons, and grenade usage hint at a military past, as does his ability to commandeer situations like the interrogation. He knows how to respond to Batman in the interrogation because he used to do the same thing.

Perhaps the biggest hint of this is Joker’s line to Harvey Dent in Gotham Hospital: “If tomorrow I tell the press that, like, a gang banger will get shot or a truckload of soldiers will be blowing up, nobody panics because it’s all part of the plan. But when I say that one little old mayor will die…well, then everyone loses their minds.” This heavily implies that his plan is motivated by his past experiences with the military as someone assumed dead, and would explain how he got his scars.

What do you think of these fan theories? Do they hold any merit? Let us know your thoughts below!