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Here is how ‘Star Wars’ would have looked if Stormtroopers were accurate

Things would have been over a lot faster.

In Star Wars the lack of accuracy shown by Stormtroopers when hunting down rebels has become one of the franchise’s biggest jokes, but one group of YouTubers has accurately shown how drastically the story would change if this wasn’t the case.

VFX team Corridor has shared a six-minute video called “Stormtroopers, but They’re ACCURATE” which showcases how events from the original trilogy would have changed should the soldiers had better aim.

Things are kicked off with a completely animated sequence of Vader abroad the Death Star revealing to the Stormtroopers that they will be receiving eye care as part of their employee benefits. After having things fixed up and 20 – 20 vision restored they then proceed on a rampage easily taking out the rebels aboard the ship.

Among the victims, we see Luke, Leia, and Obi-Wan meet their deaths in a somewhat gruesome fashion. Continuing, as the adventure continues around the Galaxy more favorites meet their demise as these Stormtroopers can not miss.

The clip is also full of plenty of other jokes from the franchise accentuated by CGI animation and deep-fake technology.

While the full clip was shared to the team’s main channel, the Corridor Crew channel also got a new upload today with the full process for creating this video being detailed. As you’d expect, it took a whole lot of work for the team to achieve an end product this detailed, mixing new footage, old footage, and completely computer-generated additions.

You can check out the full process of creating this video below.

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