Here’s What You Can Expect From The New Stark Tech In Spider-Man: Homecoming


Aside from being blown away by the latest trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming and possibly being spoiled a little more than we’d have liked, one element that stood out was that of Iron Man’s involvement. Continuing a thread first established last year in Captain America: Civil War, it looks like we can expect Tony Stark to serve as a bit of a mentor figure for Peter Parker as he hits the superhero learning curve.

One benefit of knowing Tony that I think we can all agree on is getting a serious technological upgrade. Although I’m a bit apprehensive when it comes to the idea of a genius such as Peter needing someone to make a suit for him, it does kind of make sense that this version of Spidey might need some assistance due to the fact that he’s strapped for cash, to put it mildly.

Screen Rant caught up with co-producer Eric Carroll during a set visit last summer, and he had this to say concerning the augmentations we can look forward to seeing:

“He figures out it has a heater, which might have come in handy in the other ones. He finds out that it lights up. At an inopportune time, he finds that out. At one point, there’s… the Spider logo on his chest goes [makes motion with hands] and floats off and starts giving him surveillance data, and he’s like, ‘What?’ In fact, that startles him when it happens because he didn’t even know that would happen. … Long story short, we tried to look through the comics and pull out all of the sort of fun and wacky things that Steve [Ditko] did, which seemed even harder to explain when he built it in his own bedroom. So, like, there’s an air bag at one point. What else? There are different sorts of webs that he can unlock, too. He has one that can sort of tase people. One that shoots multiple webs at the same time out of one wrist – like, it shoots in two or three different directions.”

As for star Tom Holland, he chimed in to tease his favorite gizmo:

“My favorite gizmo that the suit has… there’s a very funny sequence in the movie because of something he can do with his vision in the suit… he can sort of alter what he sees and how he sees things, and it’s really funny to see. It’s almost like the first time you play a video game and the controls are all funny, and it’s really funny seeing him look like a badass, but inside panic and not know what to do. So without giving anything away, that.”

Although he’s not going all Iron Spider, it should be most interesting to see what Marvel Studios have cooked up when Spider-Man: Homecoming swings into theaters on July 7. And, if the folks in merchandising have been paying attention, some of the stuff listed above will certainly assist in selling a toy or two.

Source: Screen Rant