The Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer Shows The Film Industry’s Spoiler Problem


Gone are the days when we’d walk into a cinema and be surprised by the story on the big screen. Whether it’s through rumors, leaked footage, or insider reports, most major plot points are available months prior to a release. However, the recent Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer took this spoiler culture to another level. So much was shown in those two minutes and forty seconds that you have to wonder if it’s even worthwhile seeing the movie now.

It’s mind-boggling how the marketing team and filmmakers agreed on the release of this trailer – especially the big reveal that Iron Man saves the day and takes away Peter Parker’s suit. That pivotal moment in the film will be forever lost on us, since we already know the outcome. Was it necessary? Couldn’t we have just seen the footage of Spidey trying to save the cruise ship and leave it there?

Trailers are quickly becoming loaded guns and we’re never truly safe from spoilers in this age of cinema. But why is this being accepted as the norm?