Here’s How Chris Pratt Could’ve Looked As Johnny Cage In Mortal Kombat Movie

Chris Pratt

Everyone has their own ideal candidate in mind to play a beloved character from pop culture and Mortal Kombat is no different. While NetherRealm’s long-running fighting game franchise has already reached a stage in its lifespan where actors are performing lifelike motion capture for major portions of the roster (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa reprising his role as Shang Tsung in Paul W.S. Anderson’s 1995 film for Mortal Kombat 11 is a particular highlight), the realm of live-action is a little different, to say the least.

Though fans still have a few weeks to wait as yet before delivering a final verdict on casting choices, various digital artists have decided to preemptively imagine how some of Hollywood’s most recognizable faces could look dressing up as the likes of Jax, Kitana and now, Johnny Cage. The latter of these, of course, differs from most as he won’t actually be appearing in next month’s reboot, though had the wise-cracking movie star been included, BossLogic believes Chris Pratt would have been a perfect fit. And you can check out his interpretation of what the pairing could look like down below.

Considering the frequency with which these alternate portraits have been delivered so far – Terry Crews as Jax and Gal Gadot as Kitana are some previous examples – it’s not at all a stretch to believe that BossLogic will have more to show in the near future, though at this point, we’re hard pushed to imagine anyone other than Joe Taslim and Hiroyuki Sanada as Sub-Zero and Scorpion respectively. The pair’s long-running feud is being billed as a core part of Mortal Kombat‘s narrative and we can’t wait to see them go toe to toe when the martial arts flick arrives next month, April 16th, in theaters and on HBO Max.