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Here’s how Henry Cavill would look as X-Men’s Beast

We love this casting.

Henry Cavill as Beast from X-Men
Image: Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images / Marvel Comics

The Marvel Cinematic Universe can now boast the full swathe of the comic material in its projects, and one of the most requested to return is the X-Men.

After a several year hiatus, fans are begging for a bit of mutant action in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One of the most desired returns is the character Beast, and fan-art has seen none other than Superman actor Henry Cavill take on the hairy blue role. Cavill has been alienated from his role in the DC Extended Universe, with diehards hoping Marvel extends an olive branch to The Witcher star.

Beast has been played in live-action in the past by Sideshow Bob himself Kelsey Grammer, and Nicholas Hoult as a younger version in X-Men: First Class, Days of Future Past, and Apocalypse. Both tremendous actors, but imagine the hunk that is Cavill taking on such a role, well now you can start to visualize it.

Digital artist spdrmnkyxxiii took to Instagram to show off the fan cast suggestion, and it’s hard not to see Cavill as a spectacular pick for the MCU.

Cavill has also been rumored in the past to play roles like Hyperion and Wonder Man, both of whom are essentially Superman archetype characters within the Marvel canon. Wonder Man is one of many characters set to get their own spin-off series, with Ben Kingsley believed to have signed on for the show.

There’s no concrete time we’ll see the X-Men make their proper debut in the MCU, with animated series X-Men ’97 due out sometime in 2023.

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