Here’s How Two Doctor Stranges Could Canonically Appear In Spider-Man: No Way Home

As Spider-Man: No Way Home keeps approaching its release date, fans are getting more and more excited speculating on what we might see in the film. Severals leaks seem to have confirmed that we’ll have multiple Spider-Men in the world and that this movie is going to be a multiverse affair. But just how far could this go?

What if Doctor Strange fought the version of himself that existed back in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2? For those who don’t remember — it is a single throwaway line after all — Jonah Jameson directly referenced Strange in the film while trying to name Doc Ock. Check out the gallery below to see how the joke played out.

While this was just a joke at the time, this creates a possibility where Doctor Strange may have to also have to battle himself! Or of course, team up with his alter-universe-ego to somehow save the day and restore the timeline.

There is another distinct possibility as well: Jonah Jameson might be talking about Doctor Strange from the MCU. It’s entirely possible that Benedict Cumberbatch is sent into the Raimiverse at some point and ran into Jameson before he made his way back into the MCU.

It’s a brilliant fan theory suggested by user jwr_10 on Reddit that we found too clever not to share.

So what do you think? Is there a possibility for the ultimate retcon or at least another Doctor Strange appearing in Spider-Man: Now Way Home? Let’s talk about it!