Here’s Why James Gunn Should Direct Green Lantern Corps For DC


There’s been a ton of speculation pertaining to the Green Lantern Corps movie, both in front of and behind, the camera. Last week, for example, it was revealed that none other than three-time Academy Award nominee, Tom Cruise, was initially the frontrunner to portray Hal Jordan in the 2020 superhero blockbuster, but ultimately passed due to a creative difference. Unfortunately, scuttlebutt is about as far as we get on the directing front, too.

Last we heard, the man who directed Cruise in Mission: Impossible – Fallout, Christopher McQuarrie – who, mind you, has long been rumored to be attached to Green Lantern Corps – was still being targeted by WB for the vacancy, but that was roughly half a year ago. So, as you can see, we do appear to be at a standstill. Thankfully, though, there’s been a break in the case.

Last month, The Walt Disney Company and Marvel Studios disposed of high-end talent James Gunn, and according to the YouTube channel Webhead, he just might be the perfect man for the job.

While he has no inside source on the matter, the YouTuber does make a good point. Given his track record with Rocket Racoon (Bradley Cooper) and Groot (Vin Diesel), it’s no secret that Gunn’s more than capable of handling the weird and obscure. Therefore, bringing him on board would really allow DC to explore the Green Lantern universe and possibly include some of the more bizarre dramatis personae, including Tomar-Re, Kilowog, and Ch’p, in Green Lantern Corps.

Everything considered, though, there’s no denying the most significant thing going for DC, should they indeed choose to capitalize on the MCU blunder and hire Gunn, is it would bathe the much-maligned shared universe in an entirely different, and far more favorable light. Of course, whether this ends up happening or not remains to be seen, but as we wait for further announcements, tell us, would you like to see the director helm Green Lantern Corps?