Tom Cruise Was Up For Green Lantern Corps But Passed Because [SPOILERS]


Earlier this year, it was reported that mammoth movie star, Tom Cruise, was bound for the DC Extended Universe. Although, a lot’s changed since then.

The Batman‘s inching closer to a production start date and we’ve gotten our first official look at Aquaman and Shazam! Not to mention, the comic book titan’s rebranded their entire operation, hoping to distance itself from the catastrophic failure otherwise known as the DCEU – save for Wonder Woman, of course. Nonetheless, while practically everything about the realm has undergone some form of transformation, apparently, Tom Cruise is the one constant.

According to a blind item from Crazy Days & Nights, the three-time Academy Award nominee is the frontrunner to portray Hal Jordan in the 2020 superhero blockbuster, Green Lantern Corps. Or at least, he was. Originally published in March of this year, the website revealed the identity of the A-list actor and the associated picture earlier today.

Additionally, they explained that what prevented Cruise from closing a deal can be traced back to a single stipulation. Although, before we continue on, we should warn you that some major spoilers for the film will follow from here on out.

Evidently, the sole caveat keeping Cruise from accepting the role of Hal Jordan has to do with the script. Supposedly, the screenplay for Green Lantern Corps will see Jordan killed off, which is something Cruise insisted be changed prior to his signing off on the role. Whether Warner Bros. will end up giving in to his demands remain to be seen, but as the situation stands, it seems that he’s passed on the part.

Cruise – who recently set the box office ablaze with the sixth entry into the Mission: Impossible film series, Fallout – has long been rumoured to be attached to Green Lantern Corps, ditto for the film’s writer and director, Christopher McQuarrie. At this point in time, though, you should probably take all this with a grain of salt. After all, DC and WB have a lot, and I do mean a lot, on their plate at the moment, so until we hear something more concrete, skepticism’s your best bet.