Here’s What Jeffrey Dean Morgan Would Look Like As DC’s Lobo


Lobo has been noticeably absent from the DC film calendars over the years for reasons we can’t quite explain. It’s rather surprising, too, when you consider that he’s the perfect answer to Deadpool. Not to mention he could’ve been the most popular antihero before the Merc with the Mouth stole moviegoers’ hearts (and wallets).

Of course, there were talks at one point of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson being in deep discussions to portray Lobo in a big screen adaptation, with Guy Ritchie directing, but those plans rapidly deteriorated into nothingness. Still, all hope may not be lost, for another actor has now risen to the top of the pile in regards to who fans want to see play the character.

While attending Walker Stalker Con over the weekend, The Walking Dead‘s Jeffrey Dean Morgan put his name forward to portray the main man himself. And, after the idea started to gain some traction online and people began to campaign for it to happen, digital artist Boss Logic put together the below image showing us what Morgan may look like in the role.

Though the last Czarnian hasn’t had his big break just yet, it’s certainly not for lack of trying, as Warner Bros. has been attempting to get a solo film for the outer-space bounty hunter off the ground for years.  As we mention before, Johnson was attached to the role for a while before things fell through, while Jason Fuchs was set to write the script back in 2016.

Following that, we heard word of Michael Bay finding himself connected to the production, but reports said he’d only do it with a tiny budget. Which is a bit weird, coming from the king of big-budget blockbuster cinema.

That was the last update we got and it’s fair to say with how much DC’s juggling at the moment, a Lobo movie probably isn’t in active development anymore. Still, if one should ever happen, we’d certainly have no issue with Jeffrey Dean Morgan taking the role.

Source: Twitter