Here’s How Jonah Hill Could Look As The Penguin In The Batman


Recently, Jonah Hill has been drawing the attention of DC fans after it was discovered that he has two potentially telling new followers on social media. One of them is filmmaker Matt Reeves, who’s currently working on getting the latest rewrite finished for The Batman. The other is Hill’s The Wolf of Wall Street co-star Margot Robbie, who also happens to play Harley Quinn in the same superhero universe.

It’s not a lot of evidence to go on, but these fresh connections with a pair of major DCEU talents have got fans wondering if the 21 Jump Street star is being eyed for a role in the franchise, and the most prominent theory by far is that he’ll be suiting up as the Penguin in the Caped Crusader’s next film. Amidst all this speculation, digital artist BossLogic has taken to Instagram with their vision of how the casting might look, suggesting a reworking of the Danny DeVito design from Batman Returns with a little added gloom of the Zack Snyder variety.

So far, it’s yet to be confirmed if Oswald Cobblepot even has a part in the Dark Knight’s next film, though the rumors on the matter have been fairly persistent, with one report from earlier this year hinting that the Penguin was originally intended to be the villain of Birds of Prey before he was shifted over to Reeves’ flick.

For now, it’s all just hearsay and speculation, though Josh Gad has made it very clear that he’d be happy to play the part if asked. In any case, with The Batman finally progressing beyond its early stages, hopefully we’ll get some clarification in the coming months.