Henry Cavill Has A Laugh In New Justice League BTS Photo


The complex, tortured and extremely dramatic production of Justice League was way more interesting than the cinematic abortion that flopped its way into theaters back in 2017. Since its release, we’ve had a steady trickle of information from behind the scenes, featuring everything from entire sequences cut from the movie to concept art showing Zack Snyder’s original plans for Darkseid and much, much more.

Now, we have another peek from the set, this time showing a happy looking Henry Cavill shooting some green screen scenes as Superman. It’s pretty easy to tell at what point in the production this photo comes from, too, as the actor’s top lip is notably clean-shaven. This means it’s from the original Zack Snyder-directed shoot and not the reshoots, during which Cavill famously had a striking moustache that Warner Bros. had to painstakingly remove via CGI. Plus, he genuinely looks happy, and I’ve heard that the studio mandated reshoots weren’t a barrel of laughs.

One other thing that’s got fans excited about this picture is that they’ve decided the guy in the leather jacket at the rear of the frame is absolutely perfect casting for Wolverine. One person explained on social media that: “That guy looks like Wolverine more than Wolverine himself.” Right now, nobody knows exactly who he is, but if he can act then hell, give him an audition!

Anyway, enjoy this picture of Henry Cavill in the suit while you can, because it’s looking increasingly likely that he’s done with the role. In an interview with GQ, Cavill apparently dodged questions about Superman, with his staff explaining that the topic was “off limits.” With the actor now having taken on his dream job in The Witcher and there being no Man of Steel 2 or Justice League 2 in sight, it definitely looks like his days as Supes are done.

Source: Instagram