Here’s Who Alfre Woodard Is Actually Playing In Captain America: Civil War


Yesterday, Marvel fans got a massive treat when it was confirmed that Alfre Woodard would appear in Captain America: Civil War. It was a ‘treat’ because Woodard joined the cast of Marvel’s Luke Cage series last year. People put two-and-two together and came up with CROSSOVER!

If she ends up playing the same role, that would mean Marvel’s movie universe and its TV universe would have their first proper crossover character (I’m not including that time Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury popped up in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)

Alas, it was not meant to be. While the actress is indeed in Civil War, she won’t reprise the role of Black Mariah – cousin to Luke Cage villain Cottonmouth – for Cap’s third outing. Screen Crush reports that she plays a “small but pivotal” in the movie as the mother of an American citizen killed during the Sokovia attacks that took place in Age of Ultron. She confronts Tony Stark about the incident, laying blame on him for the death of her child. It sounds like an important part in that it makes up Tony Stark’s mind regarding the Sokovia Accords – he comes out in support of the act after meeting Woodard’s character.

With yesterday’s news, there was hope of these two worlds colliding in the most awesome of ways. And now? Well, it looks as though Marvel plans to drive a wedge between its two universes even farther.

Now that Captain America: Civil War is mere weeks away from release, we can expect more chatter concerning bit players (like Julie Delpy’s role in Ultron last year) and potentially more details on those already confirmed. I mean, come on, are we seriously not going to get a good look at Baron Zemo until May?