Here’s How Zac Efron Could Look As The Next Wolverine


It’s been well over twenty-one months since Logan first arrived in cinemas, and in all that time, Hugh Jackman has never offered any indication that he’s changed his mind about leaving the role of Wolverine in the past, as much as Ryan Reynolds and the fans wish otherwise. Nonetheless, with the Disney/Fox deal on the horizon, it seems inevitable that Marvel Studios will bring us a new version of the character sooner or later, and should Disney be looking for another actor to wield the claws, this latest artwork from BossLogic makes a case for Jackman’s The Greatest Showman co-star Zac Efron.

To be clear, the digital artist created this image at the request of fans who were likely joking when they suggested that the Neighbors lead could assume the role, but it must be said that the illustration makes the idea of seeing the kid from High School Musical playing Wolverine feel just a little less ridiculous.

How Efron himself would feel about taking on the part remains unclear, but should the actor want to join the MCU as one of the most famous X-Men, he’d have plenty of competition. Just a few days ago, for instance, Keanu Reeves reaffirmed his old claim that he’d “love to play Wolverine.” And while the John Wick star doesn’t feel like an especially credible candidate either, his action movie credentials at least outweigh Efron’s by a considerable margin.

Regardless, seeing how the Fox-era Wolverine is still reasonably fresh in the public’s memory, Disney might do well to leave the character alone for a little while. But given the continuing popularity of Logan, surely it’s only a matter of when rather than if on the matter of finding Jackman’s replacement.