The Heroes Of The Multiverse Unite On Awesome Fan Poster For The Flash

Batman Returns

The Flash is set to operate on the largest scale of any DC film to date. As a loose adaptation of Flashpoint, the Scarlet Speedster’s first solo cinematic outing will see Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen sprint through the multiverse, opening the door for some amazing DC crossovers. A couple have been announced so far, but there’s no doubt there’s plenty more where they came from. And this epic fan-made poster teases who else could turn up.

Digital artist UltraRaw26 has created the below piece that sees the Flash posing on a rooftop over what’s likely Gotham City with a range of heroes from across the DCEU and the multiverse, including not one, not two but three different Batmen. From left to right, there’s Michael Keaton from the Burtonverse, Ben Affleck’s version and the Flashpoint Batman AKA Thomas Wayne. Standing to Barry’s left, meanwhile, is Cyborg (Ray Fisher), and flying above them is Henry Cavill’s Superman.

This is an intriguing collection of heroes, three of whom have already been confirmed to appear. Keaton and Affleck will both play substantial roles in the movie and are the first two cast members to be announced alongside Miller. It’s currently unclear if there’s enough room for the Flashpoint Batman, but it would make sense for him to show up. Cyborg is another one we’re expecting to be involved, too, but Superman is a left-field choice.

Who else can we potentially expect to see in the film that isn’t featured on this poster, though? Well, following their team-up in “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” it doesn’t sound crazy that Grant Gustin could hop over to the big screen for a cameo. A multiversal montage shown at DC FanDome also featured Keanu Reeves’ Constantine and Zack Snyder’s Watchmen. The possibilities are endless, really.

The Flash is set to start production soon before it hits theaters in June 2022. In the meantime, let us know the crossovers you’d love to see in the film in the comments section down below.