The Flash Movie’s Multiverse May Include Watchmen And Constantine

Keanu Reeves Constantine

Warner Bros. is finally embracing the concept of the multiverse, with 2022’s The Flash set to see Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen crossing over into the universes of other DC franchises outside the DCEU. So far, Michael Keaton has been confirmed to reprise his take on Batman and Miller’s cameo in “Crisis on Infinite Earths” also established that The CW’s Arrowverse is connected, too. Now, we may know two other properties that will be factored into WB’s plans as well.

DC FanDome’s panel for The Flash heavily teased how the film will dive deep into the DC multiverse, with Miller and director Andy Muschietti giving us a few hints. However, maybe the most intriguing reveal of the panel was hidden in a montage video which spliced together clips from various DC titles to tease the endless possibilities of the multiverse. If you caught it, you’ll know that two surprise inclusions in the montage were 2009’s Watchmen and 2005’s Constantine. 

The whole point of this montage was to hint at the kinds of crossovers we can expect either in The Flash or subsequent multiversal projects. As Miller said in his voiceover, the movie will make it possible for “characters that exist within their own bubbles” to “collide.” We’re left to wonder, then, if DC plans to bring back anyone from Zack Snyder’s Watchmen and Keanu Reeves’ version of Constantine.

True, Snyder’s Watchmen returning would be out of the blue (Doctor Manhattan pun intended), but it wouldn’t be too surprising, considering a couple of factors. Snyder has been welcomed back into the DCEU fold, for one, with his Justice League cut about to land and his Batman, Ben Affleck, coming back for The Flash. The Watchmen franchise has also been massively expanded in recent years (see: the HBO TV show and the Doomsday Clock comics).

As for Reeves’ Constantine, this is something we’ve heard about before. We know that WB has plans for bringing the Hellblazer back to the big screen, and it seems the studio is seriously considering rehiring Reeves to play him, given his recent resurgence. So, the montage could definitely have been teasing that.

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