Arrowverse EP Says Ezra Miller’s Crisis Cameo Opens Up Endless Possibilities

Crisis on Infinite Earths

“Crisis on Infinite Earths” pulled off so many impressive crossovers, tying the Arrowverse into various other DC franchises both past and present, from TV or the movies. The biggest surprise, and the most notable crossover, of the event, however, was Ezra Miller’s cameo in episode 4. This was a true game-changer as it connected the Arrowverse to the DCEU, for the first time creating a fully cohesive DC multiverse.

The potential ramifications of Miller’s role in “Crisis” were touched on at DC FanDome over the weekend. One virtual panel was titled Multiverse 101 and featured host Tiffany Smith interviewing three of DC’s top execs – Arrowverse EP Greg Berlanti, DC Comics chief Jim Lee and Warner Bros. boss Walter Hamada – on the future of the DC multiverse across the various forms of media. Lee revealed that Miller’s appearance was a last minute decision that he believes helped solidify the fact that everything is connected.

Berlanti also teased that the cameo opens up a world of possibilities going forward. He didn’t say anything about what those are, but that fan-pleasing face-to-face meeting between two Flashes certainly did leave the potential for further DCEU/Arrowverse crossovers. On both sides, that is. Either we could get more movie stars turning up on TV or else The CW’s heroes could pop up on the big screen. Grant Gustin’s Scarlet Speedster appearing in Miller’s The Flash movie is one such option that feels feasible.

In this same panel, Jim Lee confirmed that Miller’s Barry Allen got the idea to call himself the Flash from Gustin’s version, so that’s a direct link from the Arrowverse to the cinematic hero’s future adventures right there. In any case, 2022’s The Flash is going to blow the doors to the multiverse wide open, so that’ll probably be our best bet for any further TV/movie crossovers.