More Evidence Points To Keanu Reeves Returning As Constantine

keanu-reeves-siberia (1)

John Constantine is getting another movie, that much seems certain. News has been swirling for a while that Warner Bros. is working on a new cinematic project starring the Hellblazer, the only question concerns who they’ll cast as the character. One option though is that they’ll bring back a former incumbent of the role who’s in the middle of a major career renaissance – Keanu Reeves, who played the part in 2005’s Constantine. 

In fact, a new report from The Direct has provided more evidence that this is on the cards. The outlet claims that reliable intel reveals WB is currently working on a new Constantine film. It may be a reboot of the occult detective, or it could see Reeves return to the role. J.J. Abrams and Bad Robot will reportedly produce.

The project is said to have a similar tone to the previously-discussed Zatanna solo film and Abrams’ upcoming Justice League Dark TV series. It’s theorized that these movies may come before the show in order to lead into the formation of the JLD, similar to Marvel’s Avengers. Again, The Direct isn’t saying that Reeves is a shoe-in to return, just that the studio is entertaining the idea. However, Murphy’s Multiverse has gone one step further and claims that the actor is actually being courted now for the role.

This generally fits with what WGTC has been hearing also. Our latest intel points to two separate projects being developed – one with Reeves and one with another, British Constantine, perhaps played by Kingsman‘s Taron Egerton (who’s voicing the role in Audible’s The Sandman adaptation). Apparently the plan is to use the DCEU’s multiverse to have two different takes on the character on the big screen, with Reeves being the main one and the more comic book-accurate version existing in a separate continuity. Kind of like what we saw with Jared Leto and Joaquin Phoenix’s Jokers.

Whatever ends up happening here, Reeves has already said that he likes the sounds of reprising Constantine for another outing and bringing him back would be in keeping with WB’s new tactic of honoring DC history – Michael Keaton returning as Batman, for example. It feels like we’re on the verge of a big announcement then, and maybe it’ll come our way during August’s FanDome event.