Warner Bros. Reportedly Developing Live-Action Zatanna Movie


A couple of years ago, Deadline reported that one of the many projects DC had in the works was a Zatanna movie, based around the comic book sorceress. Since then, however, none of the major trades have followed that up with further updates on such a film. At long last, though, it seems there’s finally some movement on the pic.

DCEU Mythic’s Jeremy Conrad says that sources have told him the Zatanna movie is now in active development. Conrad clarifies that this will be a totally separate version of the heroine from the one who’ll feature in J.J. Abrams’ Justice League Dark TV series that’s set to land on HBO Max. He also speculates that the confusion surrounding what’s going on with the Superman mythos in the DCEU has frozen the Supergirl film, which is what’s caused Zatanna to become more of a priority.

We’ve previously heard that WB has big plans for the character, with three movies in various stages of development involving her. There’s the Zatanna solo effort, a JLD pic – which is still a possibility despite the show – and a House of Mystery film, based on the classic horror anthology comic. Last fall, Emilia Clarke was being sought after for the role, but by January 2020 she’d passed on the project and we had heard that The Witcher‘s Anya Chalotra is now under consideration for the part.

It’s unclear whether the JLD show or the Zatanna movie will release first, but it seems like both are being developed independently of each other over at WB. And once we learn more about the studio’s plans, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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