Kingsman Star Reportedly Eyed To Play DC’s Other Constantine

Image via CW

John Constantine certainly gets around. He debuted in 1984 in Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing and has gone on to feature in all variety of adventures, from his critically acclaimed adult-orientated Vertigo series Hellblazer to a leadership role on the superhero team Justice League Dark. Now, rumblings suggest that he’s due to appear across multiple movies and TV shows – so much so that DC are reportedly considering doubling up.

There’ve been rumors for a while that Keanu Reeves will reprise the version of the character we saw in 2005’s Constantine. This American take on him deviates substantially from the comics, but the movie has since picked up its own fanbase over the years. Recent chatter suggests we may hear more about the actor’s return when Reeves takes part in the San Diego Comic-Con Constantine 15th Anniversary Panel later this month, but for now, all we can do is sit tight and wait.

That being said, it seems DC and Warner Bros. also want a traditional take on the character running in parallel. According to sources close to WGTC – the same ones who said Transformers is being rebooted and Ryan Reynolds had a secret cameo in Hobbs & Shaw, both of which were correct – Reeves’ take will be the main one in the DCEU, but there will also be a non-DCEU Constantine that’s more faithful to the comics. And the name they’re eyeing for that role is Kingsman star Taron Egerton.

The idea is for this John Constantine to appear in his own separate continuity in the same fashion as Joker, which could indicate a direct adaptation of the Vertigo Comics version. In any case, Egerton is just one actor they’re looking at and given he’s also being eyed by Marvel to play their new Wolverine, who knows if he’d even have time to sign up for the part.

Beyond that though, we may also see a third live-action Constantine in the next few years. The aforementioned Justice League Dark team is getting a TV show on HBO Max and if Matt Ryan doesn’t reprise his role from the Arrowverse in it, a new actor will need to be chosen.

Whatever happens, it seems that antihero, magician and detective John Constantine is going to become a very familiar presence.