Heroes Wage War In Epic New Concept Art For Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice


With Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice just around the corner, more and more details about the movie are starting to be revealed. As with any big release, many of those are coming from unexpected sources like toys and tie-in books, and it’s the latter we have to think for a stunning piece of new concept art.

As you can see, it depicts The Dark Knight attempting to take down the Man of Steel, though #WhoWillWin (that’s the official hashtag being used by Warner Bros. on social media) is something we sadly won’t discover until Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits on March 25th.

This “Art Of” book isn’t set to be released until the 23rd of that month, but here’s the official word on what to expect from it:

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: The Art of the Film, takes fans deep into this world, accompanied by insight and interviews with cast and crew, including an afterword by director Zack Snyder. Packed with stunning concept art, Zack Snyder’s storyboards, blueprints, costume detail and behind-the-scenes shots from the set, this book is an invaluable insight into the world of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Sounds pretty good, right? Despite rumours that the movie is in trouble, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is so far shaping up to be very exciting indeed, and we can hardly believe that we’re just over a month away now from its release.

Batman v Superman Concept Art

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