High-Octane Trailer For Aaron Paul’s Need For Speed Arrives Online


DreamWorks has unveiled the first full-length trailer for its upcoming cinematic adaptation of the arcade racing video game, Need for Speed. Directed by Scott Waugh, the movie brings the high-speed action to the big screen with Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul behind the wheel as Tobey Marshall, a blue-collar mechanic who was betrayed by Dominic Cooper’s sly, ex-NASCAR racer, Dino Brewster.

You can check out the explosive trailer below:

Featuring sleek, high-performance super cars like the Bugatti Veyron and enough police pursuits to give the Fast & Furious franchise a run for its money, the first trailer for DreamWorks’ visualization is jam-packed with thrilling sequences. In terms of story, though, the narrative throughline is akin to a revenge flick; with Paul’s protagonist Tobey looking to set the record straight after spending two years in prison for alleged manslaughter (an arc that resembles 2005’s Need for Speed: Most Wanted).

In order to get even with Dino, Tobey must enter the prestigious De Leon tournament all the while handling the extra attention caused by the $6 million dollar bounty that’s been placed on his rip-roaring Ford Mustang. Set against Muse’s Butterflies & Hurricanes, the teaser itself does a good job of establishing Need for Speed’s exciting, if overly familiar premise.

In a recent interview with /Film, Waugh was enthusiastic about Need for Speed’s take on realism, with many of the cast —Aaron Paul included— performing their own stunts for the ambitious feature film.

“I’m all about practicality,” he said, “because I believe that, if you break the rules of physics of physics in stunt work, you break the rules of character jeopardy. If a car can jump off a moving train that’s 40 feet high and land and keep going, then a person can take a bullet and keep going, too.”

Need for Speed will drift into theatres on March 14, 2014. In the meantime, though, be sure to leave your thoughts about the footage in the comments below.