New Hobbs And Shaw Photos Teases A Massive Action Sequence


Hobbs and Shaw, the testosterone-fuelled expansion of the Fast and Furious franchise, is currently lensing across parts of London. And we have a rather epic, black-and-white set photo to prove it.

Initially unveiled through Dwayne Johnson’s lively Instagram feed (h/t Collider), the stylish action shot finds Hobbs (Johnson) and series newcomer Vanessa Kirby (The Crown) running away from what can only be vehicular carnage. Hell, if The Rock is to be believed, this picture is lifted from a “massive action sequence” featuring his good-cop-turned-bad-cop on location in London, where the next Fast and Furious adventure is about to begin.

Here’s the official word from the man himself:

On set. HOBBS & SHAW. They always play hard to catch. The ever chivalrous, Hobbs told Hattie Shaw (MI6 operative and overall badass played by my homegirl Vanessa Kirby) we can do this dance one of two ways. We’ll share some tequila and then you’re under arrest and I’m taking you in. Or I’m taking you in. Apparently, she felt the tequila would have to wait. For the record, we closed down the streets of London to shoot this massive action sequence and on the first take, ol’ Kirbs here takes off like the second coming of Usain Bolt… while wearing no shoes!

Dwayne Johnson’s caption is telling in that he refers to Kirby’s character as a potential adversary – she is a Shaw, after all – so don’t be too surprised if she finds herself on the wrong side of the law come 2019.

Speaking of which, as things stand, the first Fast and Furious movie sans Vin Diesel (that we know of, mind you) is currently slated for release on August 2nd, 2019, when Hobbs and Shaw will lay siege to the global box office, and potentially steer this petrolhead franchise in a whole new and exciting direction.

Source: Instagram