Hollywood Developing 2 Movies About The GameStop Saga, Including 1 From Netflix


Even if you’ve got no interest or knowledge in either GameStop, Wall Street or stocks, you’ll still be aware that they’ve been dominating the headlines over the last week or so. There’s no easy way to sum it up, but some intrepid online entrepreneurs rallied against hedge fund investors betting against the video game retailer’s stock to plummet, causing the company’s value to skyrocket.

Naturally, Wall Street investors haven’t reacted too well to being beaten at their own game by a hardened band of keyboard warriors mobilized on forums like Reddit, and they’ve been crying foul to regulators as the working class have turned their thousands into millions.

Of course, it was inevitable that Hollywood would be sniffing around the story, and in an entirely expected but still surprising turn of events, there are now two competing projects in the works. Just yesterday, MGM won a bidding war to secure the rights to a book proposal, not even a book, by author Ben Mezrich, who penned the source material that was adapted into The Social Network.


Netflix have also thrown their hat into the ring, with the streaming service in talks with Academy Award winning The Hurt Locker writer Mark Boal about a separate project and Noah Centineo already attached to play a major role in the cast. Both movies were likely pitched as a combination of The Social Network and The Big Short, which were acclaimed dramas that enjoyed plenty of awards season glory.

The GameStop saga is still developing on a daily basis and might drag on for a while yet, but at least now we know to expect at least one feature-length dramatization almost as soon as it draws to a close.