Home Alone Trilogy Returning To Disney Plus This Week

Home Alone

Good news, everyone! Disney Plus has announced that the Home Alone trilogy is returning to the Mouse House’s streaming service this very week. The beloved festive family movie franchise was originally available on the site upon its launch last November, but the three films were moved over to HBO earlier this year due a pre-existing contract. With that expired, though, D+ is now adding them to its library again on November 13th.

The 1990 original stars Macauley Culkin in his iconic career-making performance as Kevin McAllister, who protects his household from two bumbling crooks – Harry (Joe Pesci) and Marv (Daniel Stern) – when he’s accidentally left on his own at Christmastime. 1992’s Home Alone: Lost in New York then sees Kevin get on the wrong plane to NYC where he stops Harry and Marv from robbing a toy store on Christmas Eve.

Culkin, Pesci, Stern and director Chris Columbus all departed the franchise after that, but producer/writer John Hughes stuck around for 1997’s Home Alone 3. Alex D. Linz stars as, er, Alex, who foils the evil schemes of a gang of international criminals while at home with the chickenpox. The series did continue with two made-for-TV sequels as well – 2002’s Home Alone 4 and 2012’s Home Alone: The Holiday Heist – but Disney has yet to make them available to stream. Not that anyone really minds.

Home Alone

Home Alone was one of the most lucrative titles that the Mouse House inherited when it took over Fox – the original is still one of the highest-grossing comedy movies of all time – so it’s no surprise, then, that the studio already has a relaunch of the series headed to D+. The new film will feature Jojo Rabbit‘s Archie Yates with Rob Delaney, Ellie Kemper and Kenan Thompson in supporting roles. And yes, Culkin is reportedly back as an adult Kevin.

Also, we should note that the Home Alone trilogy is returning to Disney Plus only in the US this week. The films have been and will continue to be available in other territories.