Horror Fans Are Sharing The Weirdest Films They’ve Ever Seen

tammy and the t rex

As the spooky season begins, many people (especially those who love scary movies) will encounter the good, the bad, and the downright weird when it comes to horror films.

One Reddit user recently shared their experience on the public forum in the thread titled “What’s the weirdest horror film you have seen?” In the post, the user by the name of @Whereiscatlin expressed how they have seen “a few” unusual movies and wanted to swap stories.

Prior to opening up the discussion, they shared that the weirdest movie they have watched was the film Rubber. The 2010 horror/comedy is about an inanimate tire named Robert coming to life after being abandoned in the desert.

bad milo

Down below are some of the interactive comments regarding fans’ weirdest horror film recollection. The first one on the list is Bad Milo. Released in 2013, it follows a man named Duncan (Ken Marino) experiencing unbearable stomach pains every time he is stressed out. Things ultimately take a turn for the worst when the culprit behind the stress turns out to be a little beast that exits his body from his butt and wrecks havoc on the said things that stress him out.

Second on the list is 1994’s Tammy and the T-Rex. Paul Walker plays a murdered high school student named Michael whose brain gets implanted into a Tyrannosaurus by an evil scientist. When Michael escapes, he seeks revenge on those who previously tormented him and ultimately reunites with his sweetheart Tammy (Denise Richards).

The last film to make the huge list was The Stuff. The 1985 horror is about a mysterious white substance coming out of Earth’s surface. After it is sold to many as a dessert product, it controls the consumer’s minds as they build an addiction to it.

From this summarized list, which films have you seen, and what was your take on it? Leave your comments below!