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Horror fans can binge through one of the best found-footage-franchises of all-time in one place this October

Right in time for Halloween.

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Found footage horror fans rejoice because Hulu is treating you for the Halloween season. The first three movies in the V/H/S series will be coming to the streamer on Oct 1. 

Prior to this, the only place you could find these flicks to stream was on the horror-focused platform Shudder. Of course, not everyone is devoted enough to the genre to shell out for yet another streaming service every month, so the addition of these found footage favorites to Hulu is very welcome.

Fans will still be missing out on V/H/S/94, which remains exclusive to Shudder, as will its upcoming sequel V/H/S/99. 

The V/H/S films have all followed the same basic structure of compiling a number of spooky found-footage short stories using an also-spooky bridging narrative. The first film follows a group of criminals breaking into a house, only to find a dead body and a series of video tapes. 

The movies have had mixed reactions from audiences and critics, with the original V/H/S and the threequel, V/H/S Viral, copping ‘Rotten’ ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, with audiences generally agreeing with the sentiment. Critics enjoyed V/H/S 2 and the Shudder-exclusive V/H/S 94 a lot more, but the audiences were less kind.

V/H/S/99, as the name suggests, will be taking place in the last hurrah of the 20th century, harkening back to the final punk rock analog days of VHS, while taking one giant leap forward into the hellish new millennium – according to the official synopsis. It is currently screening at TIFF and will be landing on Shudder Oct. 20 2022.

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