Horror Fans Drop Their Picks For The Best Winter Themed Films For Snowy Weather

Spooky season is always an excellent time to watch horror movies. From the chill in the air to the creatures hiding in the dead of night, it feels like the weeks leading up to Halloween just embody the perfect time to explore the terrifying, chilling, and frightening.

Another excellent time to curl up with a good scary movie is when the season grows even darker, the chill in the air deepens, and things seem almost desolate when winter storms roll in. We’re talking about those horror binges in the middle of winter, a setting lonely in its own right.

This horror fan asked for recommendations that have a winter, dark, and melancholy theme. The cold atmosphere they’re looking for is the kind that sets a tone for a movie that’s not just frigid in climate but in the mood.

They have some suggestions of their own but want to create a more extensive list to work through over the next few winter months. Here’s what other fans are saying about wintery, snowy horror movies.

We just have to say that both Frozen the horror and Disney versions are great wintery watches. Yes, we’re suckers for Disney.

This recommendation had a reply that notes how unsettling the movie made them feel, stating it’ll be a while until they’re able to watch it again.

Some pun intended here.

Do you love watching any of these films in the winter season? Do they seem scarier to you as the days draw shorter? Let’s talk about it.