Horror Fans Freaking Out Over Rob Zombie’s Munsters Movie

Rob Zombie

Horror fans got some unexpected but intriguing news today, as it was reported that Rob Zombie has been hired to reboot The Munsters for Universal, with the 3 From Hell director set to make a movie based on the beloved 60s sitcom about the monster mash-up family.

Wife and regular leading lady Sheri Moon Zombie is believed to be playing vampire matriarch Lily, while Jeff Daniel Phillips – another of the filmmaker’s frequent collaborators – is on board as Herman, the Frankenstein’s Monster-alike father of the clan. Cassandra Peterson AKA Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, meanwhile, is likewise expected to be part of the cast.

Obviously, this is pretty wild news, and the announcement that Zombie – known for his bloody, vulgar, no-holds-barred R-rated pictures – is helming a reboot of a kooky but ultimately wholesome old sitcom is blowing up on social media. After all, nobody had this headline on their 2021 bingo card…

But it is making the year look a little brighter.

Unexpected, but we’re OK with this.

It’s not that unpopular an opinion.

On the other hand, a lot of folks don’t think Zombie is the best fit for the Munsters for obvious reasons.

The Munsters

As long as Herman keeps it clean, then it’s a deal.

Some are cautiously optimistic.

First we learned Tim Burton is reviving The Addams Family for Netflix, and now this.

A reason to survive 2021.

The Munsters originally ran on CBS for 70 episodes between 1964-1966. In 2012, Hannibal‘s Bryan Fuller attempted to relaunch it with his comedy-drama Mockingbird Lane, but the pilot didn’t get picked up. Seth Meyers, meanwhile, was said to be working on his own reboot in 2017, but that clearly came to nothing. Zombie might seem like a left-field choice to be the one to finally bring the clan back to screens, but fans of his music will know that he’s actually obsessed with the classic show.

Do you like the sounds of Rob Zombie’s The Munsters, though? You know where to leave your thoughts.