Horror Fans Recall The Scariest Moments They Can’t Shake

Halloween may be behind us now, but horror fans still can’t shake some of the scariest moments from their favorite movies.

With the hashtag #StillScaredDammit (sic) trending on Twitter Monday, fans of the horror genre were asked to share one image from a movie scene that made them shudder with fear as a kid.

Let’s go ahead and set this trip to “Avoid Highways” on the GPS, shall we?

There’s no shame in admitting it: the scariest show on Cartoon Network broadcast during the day.

They should’ve warned us better that Pee Wee’s Big Adventure was, in fact, a Tim Burton film.

This is scarier than that failed reboot.

I just wanted to see some cute hobbitses, YEESH.

File Dumbo under horror for this one scene, please.

I’m speechless.

Oh so subliminal messaging, that’s how that face winded up in my brain?

We’re all the bent neck lady.

The climax of this movie needs to stop haunting my dreams.

We see you, Darth Maul-looking demon, but that ain’t you’re boy Obi-Wan.

A reminder to bring holy water to your nights on the town.

M. Night Shyamalan sure knew how to bring the scares back then.

Tim Curry holds up, but both versions of Pennywise are pants-wettingly creepy.

There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home.

Yikes, just yikes.

The Exorcist III deserves recognition.

This scene is still ringing in my head.

What horror film scene can you still not get over? Tell us in the comments below.