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Horror fans remain undecided on whether a cult favorite is underrated or overindulgent

A poster on Reddit has floated the idea the work is better than people remember.

Sheri Moon Zombie as Heidi LaRoc / Adelaide Hawthorne in 'The Lords of Salem'
Screenshot via Rob Zombie Movies/YouTube

In the wake of the release of Halloween Ends, several horror fans have been re-assessing Rob Zombie’s efforts. A few have recently said his work in the franchise deserves a second look and, now, debate online is turning to The Lords of Salem from 2012.

A Redditor has floated the idea the work is better than people remember it being (our review at the time gave it a middling assessment) and it serves as a tribute to films like The Exorcist with its slow pacing and is accompanied by a great soundtrack. While several agree in the replies, others feel the film is a mediocre effort like some critics do. In this user’s view, had the movie included more, it may have ultimately fleshed things out to a better degree and ultimately made for a better watching experience.

Another user adds the piece is a departure from the usual work done by Zombie. Whereas a lot of his content is on the more grim and grueling side, The Lords of Salem apparently stands apart and is something those who are not fans of his can actually enjoy.

Though much of the user sentiment ranges from supportive to cautious endorsement, another user adds the work does not click mainly because of the level of control Zombie had when filming. Essentially, as the man’s style is intense, he becomes a little too decadent without someone to reign him in and should ultimately stick to the areas where he has shown he has great abilities.

The Lords of Salem is available to stream now on The Roku Channel and Tubi.

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