Horror Short November 1st Explores Life After Halloween For Michael Myers


The build-up to Halloween is always a magical time for horror fans – fireworks light up the night-sky; theaters are screening the latest and (sometimes) greatest genre hits; long-running TV shows like The Simpsons and Brooklyn Nine-Nine release spooky specials; and there is often enough candy to trigger the beginning of a festive food coma.

If, like us though, you’re feeling a little deflated now that the Halloween celebrations are over for another year, spare a thought for Michael Myers. The time-honored movie villain is synonymous with the annual holiday, and though he (it?) has been absent from our screens for far too long, 2018 will signal the return of Myers thanks to David Gordon Green’s reinvention.

But in keeping with the spirit of Halloween – or, rather, what’s left of it – the folks over at Fright Rags (via Bloody Disgusting) have pieced together a wonderful horror short that explores life after October 31st for Michael Myers. Created by Eric Maira, Chris Hogan-Roy, Benjamin Scrivens and Chris Tanski, the 3-minute short is aptly called November 1st, and finds the horror icon going about his daily chores.

Having an otherworldly character like Myers perform routine, menial tasks is always going to be a recipe for comedy, even as the screams of his victims ring out in the background. The music and subtle editing are both brilliantly done, and if you’re still pining for more Michael Myers after watching November 1st, we have good news.

A back-to-basics reboot is on the horizon, and it’ll ignore every iteration of Halloween expect John Carpenter’s original. Jamie Lee Curtis will be back to play Laurie Strode, too, as the scream queen gears up for her final confrontation with Michael Myers.

Rumor has it that Baywatch actor Zac Efron has been linked with a starring role as well, but without any official confirmation at this time, we’ll just have to wait until Halloween rolls around on October 19th, 2018. And only then will Michael Myers be able to resume his reign of terror.