How Old Is Wonder Woman? | Everything to Know


When it comes to the DC cinematic universe there is one character at its core that has seemingly been around longer than the rest. And that is Wonder Woman.

The Amazonian by blood and Princess of Themyscira, Diana Prince is one of the most beloved characters in the DC universe. With her signature weapon, the Lasso of Truth, and wielding the powers of a demi-god, Wonder Woman is extremely powerful. She is also said to be incredibly old.

We first meet Diana in 2017’s Wonder Woman and at this time she appears to be an adult, aside from some flashback scenes, but the film never establishes the character’s exact age.

How old is Wonder Woman?

In the DC universe, we have yet to get an exact answer from the character herself on screen. But the cast and crew behind the film have shared their thoughts on the subject in the past.

Patty Jenkins, the filmmaker responsible for both the 2017 Wonder Woman film and its sequel Wonder Woman 1984 said in a report by Cinema Blend that she believed Diana to be hundreds of years old.

“I think she’s hundreds of years old. Really, I think she’s a child but she’s probably 800.”

Jenkins isn’t the only one who has chimed in on the topic. Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot said that she believes Diana is around 3,000 years old during the events of Wonder Woman 1984.

The most concrete answer we’ve had regarding the character’s age within the DC cinematic universe was shared during the recently released Synder Cut of Justice League. In this recut of the 2016 film, we get a bunch of new scenes involving characters Cyborg and The Flash, including one in which Cyborg interacts with Wonder Woman.

When The Flash makes a comical joke about a romance between the pair of characters Cyborg responds by saying that Wonder Woman is 5000 years old. It isn’t clear if this was an exaggeration of an exact amount, but given the supercomputer pulsing through the character’s body, it wouldn’t be a stretch to assume he got it right.

For those who are eagerly awaiting confirmation on the character’s age, you’ll be pleased to know that a third film in the series is reportedly in the works.