How Spider-Man: Homecoming Bridges The Gap From Civil War; Producer Rules Out Defenders Reference


The Spider-Man: Homecoming blowout continues unabated and after bringing you details on Michael Keaton’s Vulture and how Stark’s tech factors into the story, we now have some juicy tidbits relating to the film’s opening sequence.

Per Coming Soon, Homecoming‘s executive producer Eric Carroll offered up some context to how Jon Watts’ rebooted origin story will begin on July 7th and, perhaps more excitingly, how it bridges the gap from Captain America: Civil War. Last time we checked in on Tom Holland’s sprightly Web-Head, he had his heart set on joining the Avengers, but in adopting the ‘cool uncle’ mantle, Tony Stark was quick to quash those dreams – for now, at least – by telling Parker to focus on life in Queens.

And so we arrive at the beginning of Spider-Man: Homecoming. But as Carroll reveals to ComingSoon, we begin with a flashback to the fallout from Joss Whedon’s Avengers movie, at which time Adrian Toomes (Vulture) and his goons are busy mining the debris for any salvageable material. From there, Homecoming looks set to indulge in a brief montage of Peter Parker coming to terms with his abilities while swinging around Europe, before a quick cut finds our young Spidey housed up in school, longing for a phone call from Stark.

Per Coming Soon:

The film literally begins in the shadow of Stark Tower, now with its trademark ‘A’ still hanging on. Michael Keaton’s Toomes has arrived with his boys to begin the clean-up process, a nice little contract he’s picked up for his salvage business, only to be stopped by the Department of Damage Control (a nod to the classic Marvel comic series) who are taking over the cleanup and send Toomes away.

Following that, and the Sony and Marvel logos, things will jump into the middle of Civil War, just after Tony Stark has recruited Peter to his side of the fight. A montage will show Peter’s exploits in leaving New York, riding on a private jet to Germany, and taking place in the big airport fight. We’ll also see what he did right after that, hanging around in Europe… literally, as he explores the world in his brand-new Spider-Man suit.

Elsewhere, Screen Rant asked Carroll if there’s a chance that Spider-Man: Homecoming will allude to The Defenders in any shape or form, given they share a location in New York City. In short? No, and Marvel’s film and TV universes continue to exist on two separate tracks.

Not specifically referenced in this movie, no. I think that’s something we all think would be really fun and it’s definitely a card I would love to see played, if not sooner rather than later. But as of now, it’s not referenced in this movie.

On July 7th, Spider-Man: Homecoming will light up theaters the world over. It’s one of three Marvel movies penciled in for a 2017 release, and will be bookended by Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Thor: Ragnarok.

Source: ComingSoon