How Tall Is Kevin Hart?


Kevin Hart is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood and the most successful standup comedian of all time. Whether it’s from his starring roles in Central Intelligence, Ride Along, Get Hard, or Jumanji, Hart has become a household name around the world for his acting ability alongside his comedy quips.

From the beginning of his career, Hart has used his heigh as a comedic device as one of the shorter people amongst his peers and this has continued through into his film career.

For fans, we see Hart on the big screen standing beside giants like The Rock, but the question remains. How big exactly is Kevin Hart?

How Tall Is Kevin Hart?

Kevin Hart in What Now?

Kevin Hart stands between 5’2” and 5’4”. This might not be such as a surprise given the emphasis that Hart puts on this fact within his comedy, however, as a lead male traditionally actors are much taller.

Despite his shortcomings (no pun intended), Hart has heaped praise on his height stating that nothing special comes from being tall and that personality “is the biggest and best thing you could have.”

“You can be the tallest person in the world, with the smallest personality. Confidence is what defines how tall you really are,” Hart said.

The lack of height hasn’t stopped Hart from propelling himself into stardom with his charismatic personality and impressive acting chops. Kevin Hart is the perfect example of embracing who you are, remaining true to yourself, and putting in maximum effort in succeeding within your field.