How Tall Is Ryan Reynolds?

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is one of Hollywood’s most beloved actors of modern cinema and has consistently appeared in hits over the last decade.

The star is most well known for the massive commercial success that was 2016’s Deadpool and its follow-up in 2018, Deadpool 2. Reynolds fit neatly into the role as this iconic comic book character thanks to his comedic chops, impressive acting abilities and endless charm.

One thing Reynolds isn’t so well known for is his height, however, seeing him near other stars on the big screen you may have noticed that he isn’t the shortest star in Hollywood.

How tall is Ryan Reynolds?

The 44-year-old Ryan Reynolds stands at 6 feet and 2 inches tall. This means that when Deadpool finally takes his place among the other cast members within the Marvel Cinematic Universe he’ll remain on the taller side of the bunch.

The actor most recently starred in the Shawn Levy-directed film Free Guy which saw Reynolds play the role of “Guy” an NPC in a virtual world as he realizes what his existence means. While his size might not be an important factor in the film his larger-than-life personality shines through making its action even more enjoyable.

Reynolds has quite a few films in production set to come out over the next few years, but the most anticipated of these is the announced third film in the Deadpool series. This will likely be the character’s entry into the MCU, however, there is no date for when its release is planned.