How Tall is Chris Evans?

When it comes to superheroes on the big screen few can compete with Captain America himself portrayed by the ever-talented Chris Evans. Starting his career in 1997, for more than two decades Evans has showcased his range and ability to rise to an opportunity manning the lead role in Marvel’s Captain America series.

The move into action films would begin in the mid-2000s but prior to this Evans had shown his comedic chops and charisma with appearances in the Fox-produced teen drama Biodiversity: Wild About Life! And the 2001 parody film Not Another Teen Movie.

When Evans would first get a taste for superhero movies was in 2005 when he assumed the role of Human Torch in the Fantastic 4 series. While Evan’s performance was one of the better aspects of this series he wouldn’t become the figure he is within superhero cinema until he wielded the shield as Captain America.

How tall is Chris Evans?

While the character of Captain America may be larger than life, Chris Evans himself stands at around six feet tall. This puts the Cap alongside the taller members of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with even Thanos himself, with Josh Brolin coming in shorter.

Now retired from the role of Captain America, it isn’t clear what Evans’s next steps in cinema will be and if there is a return to the MCU on the cards. The recent Falcon and Winter Soldier Disney+ series left the door open for Evans Steeve Rogers to make a return but with the Falcon taking over the reins as Captain America, it’s unlikely this will come to fruition.

Now having completed his time in the MCU it should be good news for Evans fans as the actor will have plenty more time to dedicate to working on films outside of the superhero and action genres.