How to watch all of the ‘Twilight’ movies in order

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The Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer was like a cultural reset when it first hit bookshelves in 2005, but when the series was turned into a film series, that’s when the real excitement began. Three years after the first book was published, the first movie in the Twilight saga was released. Starring Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen and Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan, it was considered a love story for the ages. The cast also featured Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black, the sexy werewolf who later fought for Bella’s affections. Between Lautner and Pattinson, a war between Team Edward and Team Jacob was at the core of the film franchise and is still a vital topic of conversation today.

Watching the films back now, there are definitely some cringey moments and quotes, including the infamous, “Bella, where the hell have you been, loca?” Even though they’re cringey, something about the movies is still comforting and gives life to our inner teenagers. If you’re looking to do a binge, a rewatch, or show someone these masterpieces for the first time, Netflix has them all available for your streaming pleasure. As an added treat, here’s how to watch the films in order so you can decide once and for all which team you’re on.

How to watch the Twilight films in order

It was a love story for the ages ⏤ at least, that was how fans of the books and movies saw it. Twilight had what every teen drama needed in the 2010s: romance, angst, and a steamy love triangle. It seemed that the fans were more conflicted over who Bella should choose than she was, but it was still an exciting part of the plot seeing two handsome guys fight and fawn over her.

The best way to watch the movies is the same order that you should read the books in, with the only difference being that the final film, Breaking Dawn, has been split into two parts.

  • 1. Twilight (2008)
  • 2. The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009)
  • 3. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (2010)
  • 4. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 (2011)
  • 5. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 (2012)

Many people make fun of Twilight and what it did for the vampire genre, mainly because of Edward’s sparkling skin in the sunlight. Is Twilight a cringey movie? Absolutely. Does it hold nostalgia for 2010 teens and young adults? Of course! Twilight was the Harry Potter for a new generation, just like Hunger Games was for the next. There will always be series that define people, and Twilight will be immortalized as one of them.

You can currently catch all of the Twilight films on Netflix.