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How to watch the ‘Predator’ movies in order

One of the most iconic franchises in the sci-fi genre, 'Predator' and its sequels offer a deep narrative. Here's how to watch them in order.


Action movies were at an all-time high during the ‘80s, and one of the most popular franchises to begin in this era was the Predator series. Following the iconic warrior race and their ventures to Earth provides a ton of excitement when watching through this franchise.

Since the first Predator launched in 1987, there have been many new additions to the franchise, including the most recent, Prey in 2022. Each of these has done further world-building for the series as well as provided more action goodness.

Whether you’ve seen the films before or are completely new to this universe, there’s no better time to watch through the series than now. Here is everything you need to know regarding the order for watching the movies within the Predator series.

How to Watch the Predator Movies in Order


The Predator film universe has had four additions to the core timeline as well as the two crossover Alien vs Predator movies. You won’t be able to take in the series as intended if you go by their release order, as some of the newer additions jump around the timeline. Here is the chronological watching order for the Predator series.

While you’re binging through the Predator franchise why not bolster the run by adding in Alien as well? You can check out a full watch order for the series, too, here on We Got This Covered.


While it might be the latest entry into the Predator franchise, Prey is the very first film that you’ll want to watch if you plan on experiencing this series in timeline order.

In Prey, we see a different type of Yautja threat than what we experience during the original films, but it is just as deadly. Without giving away any aspects of the new film, this movie does set up some events for later in the timeline so it is a must-watch if you plan on taking in all Predator has to offer.


The film that started it all, Predator dropped in 1987 joining the new era of action films starring a young Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The movie follows a military team in a Central American rainforest as they encounter a mysterious otherworldly threat. The exotic plot is a recipe for success, and that it was. With its graphic action, impressive kills, and more, Predator is a must-watch.

Predator 2

A decade after the events of Predator, this sequel sees the return of the titular Predator character, this time becoming the main focus of the film. Plus, the movie drastically shifts settings, moving from a remote rainforest to downtown Los Angeles.

Predator 2 provides further insight into the Predator species, advanced technologies, and more while maintaining the same horror action and gore.

The Predator

The Predator revisits the winning formula of soldiers facing off against the Predator race, this time as multiple Predators arrive on Earth for their hunt.

While this isn’t the best installment in the series, if you’re looking to follow the story in its entirety, you’ll have to push through this one.

AVP: Alien vs Predator

While Predator built its audience and position in the action-horror ranks, Alien did the same. In 2004, these two iconic franchises crossed over on the big screen, resulting in a high-paced action flick that perfectly captured the best aspects of both franchises.

Again, as we get more Predator content, we get more backstory and in this adventure, and there’s plenty to learn.

AVPR: Alien vs Predator Requiem

Sequels don’t always live up to the original film and while that might be the case in this instance, AVPR is still a ton of good action fun. Picking up right after the events of the first film, you’ll need to check this out to keep the story going.


Predators or Predator 3 is the first film in the series that sees humans leave Earth, however, this isn’t by choice, and as they are hunted the group looks to find a way home alive.

With multiple Predators on the hunt, this time on a remote planet, there is a ton of action and unsettling moments. Leaving Earth is a great way to expand what’s possible in the Predator franchise, but only time will tell if more installments will explore the fearsome aliens history in off-world settings.

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