Adam Sandler Fans Think His Netflix Halloween Movie Is Revenge For Oscar Snub

Adam Sandler

With kids back in school and the world slowly coming out of lockdown, it’s finally time to start getting excited about the upcoming Halloween season. At least, that’s what Netflix seems to think, as the popular streaming platform recently shared an early look at one of its thematically appropriate offerings for this October. No, not the new season of Stranger Things, but rather, Adam Sandler‘s return to comedy in Hubie Halloween.

The film is Sandler’s first role since his lauded dramatic performance in last year’s Uncut Gems and casts him as a ridiculed deli worker in Salem, Massachusetts who must prove himself by solving a murder mystery and saving the town’s Halloween traditions in a comical adventure.

The photos shared today, while not terribly exciting, have reminded fans of Sandler’s threat to make the worst movie imaginable should he not receive an Oscar for Best Actor after his performance in Uncut Gems, as he said the following at the time:

“If I don’t get it, I’m going to f**king come back and do one again that is so bad on purpose just to make you all pay. That’s how I get them.”

The Academy didn’t even give Sandler so much as a nomination that year, causing fans all over the internet to suspect the timing of Hubie Halloween’s release is a sign of the star now making good on his promise. While it’s a funny thought, the fact that the film wrapped shooting in August of 2019 means it was probably not made out of spite. That would be about 6 months before the Academy Awards ceremony, for those wondering. Still, as you can see below, some people are convinced otherwise.

And even if Hubie Halloween does turn out to be the worst movie of all time, it still won’t fulfill Adam Sandler‘s promise to “make [us] all pay.” After all, Netflix subscribers won’t have to pay a single extra cent to see the flick after it drops on the platform on October 7th.

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