Hugh Jackman On What To Expect From The Wolverine

Hugh Jackman On What To Expect From The Wolverine

I figured I’d write this intro like one of the old Fighting Fantasy game books because, well, why not? Watched the new trailers for The Wolverine yet? If no, go here and rectify that immediately. If yes, skip to the next paragraph. Also roll a five and brush your teeth. Man, I suck at that. No more FF for me.

Hello again. Now that you’re all caught up, the following excerpts from a new Hugh Jackman interview conducted by MTV ought to make more sense than if I’d not sent you off there, like, a paragraph ago. In the interview, the Australian actor discusses several key points as revealed by the pair of trailers:

On Viper
“Viper is a badass, for someone who plays Wolverine, who is pretty badass. … She’s not your girl next door. You’re going to end up kind of loving every minute she has on screen.”

On the Bullet Train Sequence
“It is insane. It was insane to shoot it. It was, again, one of those brilliant ideas. One of the most emblematic things about Japan is the bullet train. I can’t go on the bullet train without any incident. It was hairy, shooting that stuff. To re-create what that is like, the kind of winds at 300 miles per hour, let me just say, looking back at some of the footage, I thought, ‘It’s time for a facelift.’ ”

On Jean Grey
“There’s no doubt that the most important relationship in his life is — we’ve seen through the movies — is his relationship with Jean Grey. Yes, we saw her die at the end of ‘X-Men: The Last Stand,’ but in this movie, she has a presence, which I think is vital to the movie, particularly for him confronting the most difficult thing within himself.”

As usual, Jackman’s involvement in promotion mixes his obvious passion for the project with his sense of humor. It’s clear he wants us to see The Wolverine. Are we going to oblige him?

Let us know what you think of the film so far in the comments. Is it shaping up to be a film worthy of its titular hero?