Hugh Jackman And James Mangold Reveal Two Frames From The Next Logan Trailer

The second trailer for Logan was classified late last month, but there’s still no sign of it. However, it is expected to be released online in the next week or so, and to promote it, Fox recently launched a creative marketing campaign. Called “1974 Frames of Logan,” fans were able to sign up to a viral site earlier this month, with the first 1,974 of them set to receive a postcard featuring a frame from the preview.

Those are now in the process of being sent out, but Hugh Jackman and director James Mangold have shared their own frames today and the ones they have just so happen to be the first and final frames from the Logan trailer. Chances are that not all 1,972 of those remaining shots will find their way online, but a lot of them definitely will, which should give us an idea of what to expect from our next look at the highly anticipated release.

The buzz surrounding Logan is extremely positive right now and as such, this trailer can’t get here soon enough. The movie isn’t too far off and as well-received as the first teaser was, it’s definitely not a bad idea to show off more from Logan to really convince moviegoers that it’ll be worth checking out, especially after the very negative response to X-Men: Apocalypse.

Tell us, what do you most hope to see from the next Logan trailer? And do you think it’ll be a worthy conclusion to Hugh Jackman’s time as the iconic hero? Sound off in the usual place and give us your thoughts!