Logan Launches Official Website, Gives Out Limited-Edition Postcards


The promotional run for 20th Century Fox’s latest X-Men film, Logan is in full swing these days. We got some gorgeous stills, we saw the breathtaking first trailer and now, we’ve been given the film’s official website, which allows the first 1,974 fans who sign up the chance to win a one of a kind postcard. Be sure to act fast though, as they won’t be around for long – unlike Wolverine.

Entitled 1974 Frames of Logan, the site is unique in that each postcard is an entirely different still from the new trailer. So, if you’re person number 1,975 or beyond, you ain’t getting a postcard. Now, or ever. Also, in case you haven’t clued in, Fox picked 1,974 because that’s when Wolverine made his first appearance within the Marvel Comics universe. To be more specific, it was October 1974, inside The Incredible Hulk.


Like they did with Deadpool, to phenomenal success, Fox is continuing to push the envelope with their marketing department, trying new, exciting ways to welcome fans to their superhero films. It might just be the one way to get a leg up on Marvel, and it certainly helps outpace DC. Of course, we hope Logan reflects that same quality, though the promotional materials thus far certainly promise an intense, emotionally-investing sequel, as well as a bittersweet farewell for star/producer Hugh Jackman, who will put his silver claws to rest after this new installment. At least, that’s what he says for now. We’ll see if he keeps that promise.

As noted earlier this week, the second Logan trailer is supposed to drop in January. In the meantime, be sure to hit up that site if you want a postcard. Which, let’s face it, you do.