Hugh Jackman Slams Ryan Reynolds And Green Lantern In Hilarious New Video


Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds has been beefing online with fellow X-Men Origins: Wolverine survivor Hugh Jackman all year, and the two old friends don’t look to be settling their differences anytime soon.

A few days ago, for example, the Australian star went on record to rule out a Wade Wilson/Logan crossover, which led Reynolds to jokingly call him selfish on Twitter. What’s more, the two of them even managed to rope John Krasinski into their shenanigans last week after the director of A Quiet Place called Jackman out for getting a bit too close to his wife Emily Blunt.

Now, their hilarious social media war continues, with a savage video that Jackman’s made seemingly in retaliation for a similar one Reynolds produced a few weeks back. Seen down below, it has The Greatest Showman star slamming the Canadian actor and taking a number of shots at him, all of which are pretty hilarious. And while it’s no doubt done in good fun, that last jab at Ryan, involving Green Lantern, has to sting a little.

Then again, in the years since his sole appearance as Hal Jordan, Reynolds has found a ton of success thanks to the Merc with a Mouth, though X-Men Origins: Wolverine didn’t get Wade Wilson off to the most promising of starts. In fact, when he was asked which out of Origins and Green Lantern he hated more, Reynolds seemed unable to pick just one, but later admitted that he’d grown to kind of love them both for the jokes they’ve spawned.

Nonetheless, we imagine he’s happy to find himself in a sustainable comic book series these days, even if it’s looking like we’ll never get that second team up with Hugh Jackman that we so desperately want to see.