Hugh Jackman Teases The Classic Yellow Suit For Logan


Ah yes, the classic yellow suit. Anyone who’s even remotely familiar with the X-Men and in particular, Wolverine, will know that the iconic costume has been with the character ever since the beginning. It’s become something of a fan-favorite outfit, too, but for some reason, the films have never used it. It’s been hinted at, and even glimpsed in a deleted scene from The Wolverine (which you can see above), but not once has the mutant put it on, and that’s a damn shame.

Now, with Hugh Jackman getting ready to hang up the adamantium claws after James Mangold’s Logan, everyone’s wondering if the costume will make an appearance in the threequel. After all, it’s our last chance to see him in it, and though the campy design would definitely clash with the more moody, somber tone of the film, fans are still hopeful that there’s a way to work it in. So far, we’ve had no indication that Fox intends on doing such a thing, but Jackman took to Twitter earlier today to tease something very interesting.

Seen below, the actor Tweeted what appears to be an action figure of the character wearing the suit in question. It may not mean anything at all, but we’ve got a feeling that there’s more than meets the eye here.

Given that the X-Men films are a bit more grounded than the comics, and none of them have really used the traditional costumes in the past, it’s not likely that Wolvie will be suiting up in yellow to take out waves of enemies in Logan. However, that being said, there is a way to sneak it into the threequel, and it’s a way that fans have been speculating about for a while now.

As you no doubt know, the second trailer for the film shows us a young X-23 flipping through an X-Men comic book. A comic book which just so happens to feature Wolvie in the classic yellow outfit. So, perhaps we’ll get some kind of flashback to the events that X-23 is reading about, as Logan explains to the youngster what happened in his earlier years. Then again, this Tweet could mean absolutely nothing and just be a troll on Jackman’s part. Right now, we really don’t know.

If we had to bet though, given that this is the actor’s last time playing the iconic role, we wouldn’t be at all surprised if Mangold found a way to sneak the yellow spandex suit into Logan, and if that’s the case, fans are going to go absolutely wild.