Is Hugh Jackman In Deadpool 2 Or Not?


This article contains spoilers.

Despite his insistence that a Wolverine/D. Piddy team-up won’t ever happen, or denying he has a cameo in the Merc with a Mouth’s next movie, Hugh Jackman just can’t help getting roped into conversations pertaining to Deadpool 2.

It’s easy to see why as well, as with Fox’s marketing machine operating at full-tilt in anticipation of the sequel – so far, we’ve seen musical duets with Celine Dion and banter with Beckham and everything in between – Ryan Reynolds himself has tried to court Hugh Jackman out of X-retirement for one final final appearance as Wolverine, but to no avail. Could audiences be in for a surprise, though? Might the beloved actor actually show up in Deadpool 2 via a shock cameo?

The answer to that question is yes and no. You see, Jackman does appear in David Leitch’s sequel, though not how you’d expect. Rather, the post-credits scene has DP traveling back through time and one of his stops just so happens to be X-Men Origins: Wolverine. It’s here that we see Jackman, via stock footage of the 2009 film, with ‘Pool composited into it. He tells Wolvie that he’s just fixing the timelines and proceeds to shoot Weapon XI in front of the clawed mutant.

Unfortunately, that’s all we get, but it’s a great moment and even though it’s just stock footage, fans will no doubt appreciate seeing Jackman in Deadpool 2. Especially since convincing the actor to come back for real would be a “near-impossible feat,” according to Reynolds.

“I think convincing Hugh of that would be a near-impossible feat, but there’s no human being I love more than Hugh Jackman in that universe, and equally so as a friend. He’s just the best. I already miss him as Logan, so I’m one of those guys that whenever I see him, I’m like, ‘Come on, man. Just one more. Come on. We’ll do it together. It’ll be fun. Come on! On three. Here we go, together. One, two, three, together,’ and it’s always just me saying it.”

So rest assured: Ryan Reynolds is still fighting the good fight in order to bring Hugh Jackman back to the X-Men universe – even if he risks undercutting the finale of LoganDeadpool 2, meanwhile, will grace theaters on May 18th.